ENT - Environment and Management

ENT ENT Environment and Management is a group of engineers and postgraduates specialised in consultancy, who offer an integrated service of management support since 2001.

Our activity is addressed both to the private and the public sector. When working with Public Administrations our work is oriented to designing and implementing environmental programs, taking into consideration the optimisation of existing administrative structures and enhancing the efficiency in the use of public resources.

The increasingly high public awareness about environmental issues requires action from Public Administrations through environmental policies. Adaptation of legislation passed in higher administrative levels and the fulfilment of its requirements, monitoring of private activities, development of environmental plans or environmental education programs... are just some of the activities that Public Administrations regularly come across with.

Public Administrations need to ensure that projects are carried out optimising all available resources, achieving goals with the greatest efficiency. Our aim is to contribute to this end proposing environmental solutions within a broader management framework, where organisation and logistics are central issues.

ENT Environment and Management intends to contribute with advanced and innovative tools to solve the organisational and environmental management limitations that Public Administrations often face.